We offer 24/7 remote support to our valued customers. This option allows our technicians to access your computer remotely and fix the problem.

Charges are $60.00 the first half-hour (minimum), or $75.00 per hour.

If you agree to these charges and would like to use this service, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Galaxy Computers at 208-237-1212. Have your credit card number ready.
  2. The technician will provide you with a 9 Digit Support Key, you will need to enter this in the box below, along with your name.
  3. Click Accept. Note that clicking this button means you agree to the charges listed above.
  4. The GoToAssist Launcher will be downloaded. You need to run this.
    • Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge: Click Run in the bar along the bottom of the window.
    • Firefox: Click the blue arrow in the upper right hand corner of the window, then click on GoToAssist Launcher.
    • Chrome: Click on GoToAssist Launcher in the lower left hand corner.
  5. When prompted, click Yes to allow the GoToAssist Launcher to make changes to your computer.
  6. It will then prompt you to allow Galaxy Support to join the session, click OK.

Galaxy Computers Remote Support