The modern business is driven by technology. You need the best equipment, and you need it to work. Galaxy Computers knows what you need. We can help you take your business to the next level with quality solutions and effective equipment. Let us help you bring your business into the modern world. To start, take our Network Survey and give us a call.

Note: Windows Server 2003 has reached End of Life Status. If you are still using this software in your business, this is a security risk. Contact Us today to discuss upgrading your server.

Business Sales and Services

Custom Website Design

Establishing an online presence is a necessary way to attract and retain customers. A well-designed web site is the quickest and best way to establish this presence.

IP Surveillance Systems

Keeping your business secure is a top priority, and we understand that. A high-quality surveillance system can deter would-be criminals, and keep your business safe.

Disaster Recovery and Prevention

Data is the lifeblood of a business. Without it, you can’t sell products or serve customers. You need to have a plan for getting back to full operations capacity, and a good backup system to help you do that.

Point of Sale Systems

The Point of Sale is where the majority of business is done.  In today’s mobile and Internet world, your Point of Sale system needs to handle all types of complex situations while maintaining ease of use and administration without high costs of ownership.

Custom Software and Database Design

Nobody knows your business like you do. Often, you know exactly what you want from a program or database, but pre-made software just can’t handle it. That’s where custom software and databases come in.

Networks and Cabling

Networks grow with the business, and sometimes you outgrow the cabling and network infrastructure you have. Wireless connections aren’t always an option either. For situations where you need a stable, always on network connection, cabling those new connections is the way to go.

Network Security

With the prevalence of online attacks in today’s world, Network Security is a must-have for any business. Keeping your systems free of Malware and securing your network from hackers helps keep your business operating smoothly and productively.

Custom Solutions

Need a specific solution for your business? Contact our team of experts and we will help find a solution that works for you.