Are you taking care of your network? Answer the following questions to find out.

Rate yourself from 0 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent) in each of the following areas to get your score.

1) All of my equipment is ventilated properly
2) My equipment gets air cleaned regularly -- Every 6 Months.
3) I protect all critical network equipment with UPS battery backup units.
4) I check all of my UPS battery backup units regularly.
5) My UPS battery backups alert me by e-mail if there's a power problem.
6) I can retrieve all previous versions of my important files at any time.
7) My entire system is backed-up offsite reliably and automatically.
8) My back-ups follow HIPAA requirements for security and encryption.
9) If I have a total system failure, I can quickly recover data and system functionality.
10) I test my backup system regularly.
11) My entire system is protected with reliable anti-virus software.
12) My antivirus software will scan my network in a "safe" state.
13) My antivirus software e-mails me if there are problems while I'm away.
14) My Internet connections are secure from the "outside world" with HIPAA-compliant devices.
15) My wireless network is secure and invisible to the outside world.
16) All of my workstations are easily managed from one point.
17) My network is free of "lag time".
18) All of my important software is regularly updated.
19) My network connections support peak performance without interruptions.
20) I never have to "make space" on my server or workstations.
21) Would you like to be contacted by a Galaxy Computers representative?