Computers are everywhere, and they allow us to put all of human knowledge at our fingertips. Sometimes things can go wrong, and sometimes we just want a better experience, but having a computer is essential in the modern world. Whether you are looking to purchase a new or used system, or even to repair the one you have, Galaxy Computers has you covered.

Mac Repair

Apple Macintosh Computers are stable and trustworthy systems, but even the best computer can have problems. Whether you need your Mac fixed, or just want to upgrade to the latest version of Mac OSX, our technicians can help get your Mac up and running.

Laptop and Desktop PC Repair

Today’s world is driven by computers. Unfortunately, sometimes they don’t work the way we expect them to. Whether its a malfunctioning hard drive, software corruption, or viruses, computers sometimes need repairs.

Home Networking

In today’s always-connected world, home networks are critical. Having a properly set up and secured wired or wireless network allows you to share internet connections, printers, and files.

New Computer Sales

When you go shopping for a new computer, you want one built to last you years. Our new HP Business Class Desktops are powered by the latest generation Intel Core Processors and backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. If you can’t find what you want in a pre-built computer, we will build one to your specifications.

Used Computer Sales

Sometimes, you just can’t afford the expense of a new computer even though you need to replace yours. For the consumer on a budget, used computers are the best option. Our used systems are thoroughly tested to ensure that you are getting a system that will last.

Data Recovery

The worst has happened and now all of your pictures, documents, and music is lost. Lost doesn’t always mean gone forever. Data Recovery services may be able to recover your lost files.


Computers contain many chemicals and heavy metals that can damage the environment. When your old computer is finally ready to be retired, bring it in and we will recycle it properly.