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Optimizing your computer

How often should I scan for viruses and malware?

We recommend scanning your system once  a week with an antivirus software and malware removal software. Check out our Downloads sections for recommended software.

 What does it mean to “defrag” a hard disk, and how often should I do it?

Defragmenting, or “defragging” a hard drive helps the computer ensure that all the pieces of a file are together on the physical disk. We recommend once a month. If you are unable to scan your hard drive, you may have other programs running in the background.

When Should I update My Anti-Virus and Malware Software?

 Some programs update automatically, and some require manual updates. A good software program will notify you either way. Always update your scanning software before scanning.

Hardware Care

My computer is dusty. What should I do?

This is not good for your computer–dust can build up and block air flow, which can overheat or lock up or your system. We recommend machines be checked every six months, depending on location. Galaxy Computers offers complementary dust removal with every repair.

Why are my fans making noise?

Fans on your computer are like tires on your car: eventually, they go out. There is no specific time-frame on when you need to replace them, but it is not something you can ignore. Keeping cool and maximizing air flow is critical to your system’s basic operation. If you suspect an issue with one of your fans, come in to Galaxy Computers for an assessment.

It sounds like my hard drive is making noise.

Back up your data ASAP. A hard drive can go out without notice. Hard drives can be replaced. Data cannot.


Do you secure wireless networks?

Absolutely! Galaxy Computers can lock down your access points, increasing security and peace-of-mind.

Do you install or upgrade networks?

Yes. If you have an existing network that needs to be improved, take our survey or call our experts to find the right solution for your needs.

What type of network software do you support?

We support Microsoft, Novell, and Linux.

What kind of networking hardware do you use?

We use high-end routers, switches, rack-mounted and tower servers, plus other hardware.


What is your warranty on hardware?

Your hardware’s warranty information should be listed on your invoice. You can also contact us directly with questions.

What about your software warranty?

We can install and configure software, but due to the nature of software and problems beyond our control, we do not warranty software. For example, although we may install an anti-virus software, your computer still may be susceptible to viruses.

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